The provisional results for T1 Capacity Auction are now published on the EMR portal. Final results for T1 Capacity Auction will be published on 25th February 2022. The T4 Auction will commence on 22nd February 2022 at 9am. The T4 Auction system is now live and Auction System credentials can be found via the EMR portal.
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    ​​​​​​​Company Registrat​​ion Form

    Company Registration

    In order to apply for a Capacity Market Agreement, participants will be required first to apply for an EMR Portal account, by registering their organisation with the Delivery Body. The Registration process controls access to the online administration system and seeks to ensure that only legitimate representatives of an organisation/company may act on its behalf when apply for a Capacity Market Agreement. ​​

    Initial Company Registration

    To register, companies should complete the Company Registration form providing details of the Authorised Person and Main Administrator for the EMR Portal.  The Authorised Person should be the Company Secretary or an Active Director who can be verified against Public Information.  We will cross-check the Authorised Person against public records.  The Main Administrator will have the appropriate level of authority to issue/rescind user access from the system and act as the primary point of contact. 

    If you require further assistance with this process you can find detailed instructions in our EMR Company Registration and user management guidance which can be found in the Prequalification section of the  document library.


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