The provisional results for T1 Capacity Auction are now published on the EMR portal. Final results for T1 Capacity Auction will be published on 25th February 2022. The T4 Auction will commence on 22nd February 2022 at 9am. The T4 Auction system is now live and Auction System credentials can be found via the EMR portal.
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    To participate in the Auction, applicants have to go through the Prequalification process. Applicants submit an application per CMU per Auction for Prequalification. CMUs successful in Prequalification can then participate in the Auction. ​

    Different stages of the Prequalification process are shown in the flow diagram below: ​​

    Top process flow.png

    ​To participate in the Prequalification process, interested parties must first register their company with the EMR Delivery Body in the EMR DB Portal. ​​​​​​The Registration window is open all year round for interested parties. 

    ​Once registered, an application form must be completed and submitted through the EMR Delivery Body Portal. The EMR Delivery Body assesses all applications and notifies parties of the outcome.

    ​Should an applicant disagree with the outcome made by the EMR Delivery Body following the Prequalification assessment, they may raise a dispute to have the decision reviewed.

    ​​Once all applications have been assessed and the disputes process has concluded, applicants must confirm entry to the Capacity Auction and complete any relevant pre-Auction activities.​​​​​​​​

    ​In order the register your company, you need to complete the Company Registration Form. Select the link below to access the Registration Form. Please note, Safari and Google Chrome are not supported in the Registration process; we recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox.​

    Company Registration Form​

    Guidance documents for each stage of the process can be found in the document library. Select 'guidance' below to access these documents.

    Guidance​ ​

    If you have any questions on the information provided on this page, please contact us at:

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