The provisional results for T1 Capacity Auction are now published on the EMR portal. Final results for T1 Capacity Auction will be published on 25th February 2022. The T4 Auction will commence on 22nd February 2022 at 9am. The T4 Auction system is now live and Auction System credentials can be found via the EMR portal.
CfDAllocation Round 4: All potential timeline scenarios published17/02/2022 13:48
CfDContracts for Difference allocation rounds to be held annually from March 202309/02/2022 14:59
CfDThe CfD Allocation Round 4 Qualification Assessment Window is now open!17/01/2022 15:58
CfDUPDATE: Application window for the Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 4 closes at 5pm on 14th January 202213/01/2022 12:42
CfDContracts for Difference: System Outage on the EMR Delivery Body Website & Portal this weekend Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 Jan 202211/01/2022 11:31
CfDThe Application Window for the Contracts for Difference Allocation Round 4 is now open13/12/2021 11:21
CfDCfD AR4 Final Guidance Documents & Guidance Videos are now Live!30/11/2021 14:50
CfDThe CfD Allocation Webinar Content Is Now Live!19/11/2021 11:22
CfDNational Grid Draft Allocation Round 4 Guidance Documents are Live!01/11/2021 14:28
CfDCfD Company Registration Now Open 06/10/2021 10:47
CfDContracts for Difference – Allocation Round 3 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results22/01/2020 12:46
CfDCfD Round 3 Results Released24/09/2019 09:25
CfDCfD AR3 Sealed Bids Window now closed29/08/2019 17:01
CfDUpdate on the CfD AR3 timeline14/08/2019 16:55
CfDCfD Delivery Body have now finished the non-qualification review assessment for AR331/07/2019 09:09
CfDCFD AR3 non-qualification review window has now closed17/07/2019 09:34
CfDThe EMR Contracts for Difference (CFD) Team have now finished the Qualification Assessment process for CFD Round 310/07/2019 13:12
CfDOpening of CFD Allocation Round 3 - Wed 29th May29/05/2019 12:12
CfDCfD Allocation Round 3 guidance v2.1 - detailed24/05/2019 11:17
CfDCfD AR3 Auction scenarios video17/05/2019 15:17
CfDCfD Allocation Round 3 guidance v2.007/05/2019 16:54
CfDCfD Company Registration now open10/04/2019 10:53
CfDCfD R3 Application guidance now available22/02/2019 11:49
CfDBEIS publishes Draft Allocation Framework for CfD Round 322/01/2019 12:22
CfDBEIS publishes response to the consultation on changes to the CfD contract and related documents19/12/2018 10:52
CfDRound 2 Contracts for Difference (CFD) Results – Appeals Register has been published 11/09/2017 07:33
CfDCFD Round 2 results released11/09/2017 07:23
CfDCFD Sealed Bids Window will be 9am on 14 August to 5pm on 18 August 11/08/2017 10:02
CfDOfgem have concluded the Qualification Appeals process 03/08/2017 09:54
CfDQualification Appeal window for applicant(s) who remain non-qualifying has now closed14/06/2017 14:37
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